Edmonton Queer History Project

Celebrating the People, Places, and Events that built the Queer Community in Edmonton

Past Event: Diversity Conferences of Alberta Society (DCAS)

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Diversity Conferences of Alberta Society [DCAS]

“Embracing spirituality embracing sexuality … to educate the mind, thus free the soul.”

Reverend Charles Bidwell connected us with an archived website of the Diversity Conferences of Alberta Society that was created to promote greater understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ individuals by and within churches.

Conferences were held in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2004. You can view the speakers list here:


 On the DCAS page there are an extensive resources on faith, law, spirituality, education, school, and community issues. Viewing the conference agendas provides valuable insights into pressing issues of the time.
  • Did you attend?
  • What were your experiences with the faith community in Edmonton?
  • Did you see any of these speakers on other occasions?

Share your story: edmontonqueerhistoryproject@gmail.com


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