Edmonton Queer History Project

Celebrating the People, Places, and Events that built the Queer Community in Edmonton

Photos from the “We Are Here” Exhibition June 5th -21st 2015

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We are here: Edmonton’s Queer History Project is an assembly of stories, lived experiences, artifacts, and memorabilia, celebrating the people, places, and events that have nurtured and built our diverse queer communities. In conjunction with the 35th anniversary of the Edmonton Pride Festival, this exhibition is a reflection of stories about what it meant to be queer in Edmonton over the last half-century.

The video vignettes contained in this exhibition are a small sample of stories edited from longer life history interviews, which will be preserved for future archival research. The artifacts, memorabilia, and art works included in this exhibition have been loaned from private collections, local organizations, or donated for archival preservation. We are excited by the thousands of stories yet to be told, which will continue to build upon and enhance this important story telling archive.Exh-080-web Exh-079-web Exh-078-web Exh-077-web Exh-077-small Exh-076-web Exh-070-web Exh-068-web Exh-067-web Exh-066-web Exh-064-web Exh-062-web Exh-061-web Exh-058-web Exh-041-web Exh-053-web Exh-057-web Exh-045-web Exh-046-web Exh-047-web Exh-032-web Exh-033-web Exh-037-web Exh-039-web Exh-040-web Exh-035-web Exh-028-web Exh-027-web Exh-025-web Exh-006-web Exh-029-web Exh-031-web ExhQuilt-web LakeofFire(043)_web


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