Edmonton Queer History Project

Celebrating the People, Places, and Events that built the Queer Community in Edmonton

Share your story

Help us remember the past and build the future. Share your stories by contacting Edmontonqueerhistoryproject@gmail.com
  • Who are the Queer leaders who helped to build and define the LGBTQ* community?
  • What are the pivotal moments and memories that shared our queer past and inform our future?
  • Where are the most memorable places that define us?
  • How did you find your way into Edmonton’s queer community? How did it shape you?
  • Why don’t you tell us your story?

Please email your story and include attached photos, videos, or other information that you feel comfortable sharing.

2 thoughts on “Share your story

  1. I am wondering why Queer Prom is not mentioned. My brother Ed Bailey was a co-founder of this event. He worked with Youth Understanding Youth and was a supporter of CampFyrefly
    Over the years I have met youth that loved having Queer Prom to attend.

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