Edmonton Queer History Project

Celebrating the People, Places, and Events that built the Queer Community in Edmonton


This page, like all websites, is a work in progress.

Our ambitious goal is to build a “queer wikipedia” of the people, places, events, and memories that built the queer community in Edmonton.



We want your stories and your stuff. We welcome your contributions and suggestions – email us at edmontonqueerhistoryproject@gmail.com.

Is someone or something missing? Let us know, or better yet, write the entry for it and submit it to us. Even a vague outline can provide another piece in our historical jigsaw puzzle.

All grammatical and stylistic errors are ours, not our contributors.

2 thoughts on “START HERE

  1. My partner and I were the 1st (or second) lesbian couple in the province to adopt through a private agency. Happy to share our story

  2. I’m a little confused in that there are some “historical” groups missing from the mid 70’s and 80’s. The third club in Edmonton, the Roost, the Roughnecks, (the sports group with baseball , volleyball and other sports), the first gay local newspaper (I can’t recall it’s name)’ which was a well written and beautifully designed paper. The imperial Court system offered a very large contribution to the Edmonton gay scene and was a very public icon to the general public.

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